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About us

Legal and Paralegal Services

Traffic Ticket Pros has over 25 years of experience, successfully fighting traffic tickets for Ontario drivers, we know what it takes to win. In most cases, a paralegal does appear in court for our clients as they usually have the specific training in the Highway Traffic Act. All of our team members are licensed by the Law Society of Ontario, with years of practical courtroom experience advocating for our clients’ rights. and building a defense for traffic ticket matters.

What we do

We are very experienced in fighting Toronto traffic tickets, and Ontario traffic tickets including speeding tickets, careless driving, stunt driving, racing, insurance, impaired driving / DUI.

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    Traffic ticket PROS legal defense services for your traffic ticket offense. We are a paralegal firm practicing in defending you in provincial offenses court for various traffic ticket offenses such as: Speeding, Racing/Stunt Driving, No Insurance, Drive with Hand Held Device, Drive while under Suspension, Red Light, Fail to Stop at Sign, Fail to Wear Seatbelt, Blood Alcohol Level Above Zero and all other Highway Traffic Act Offences.

    If you plead guilty or automatically pay a Traffic Ticket or Speeding Ticket, you are admitting that you’re guilty of the offense.
    Any Traffic Ticket on your driving record can significantly affect your insurance rates and you may also be accumulating demerit points which may lead to a license suspension.
    We offer quality representation and affordable fees for your Traffic Ticket. Traffic Ticket Pros strives to provide the very best in court representation for Traffic Tickets, Speeding Tickets in Toronto and throughout Ontario.
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